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When Mony Cunningham, my publisher, encouraged me to develop a website, I don’t think that she fully appreciated what she was asking of me.  Author websites are largely self-promotion, and my most popular book, The Leader Who is Hardly Known, is about Tao philosophy and humble educational leadership.  In other words, the purpose of this website is to brag about myself so readers of it will be moved to buy my book about humility. I thought this website was going to be blatant marketing, but it really is a chance for me to confront the seeming contradictions of the Tao and, I suppose, the writing world.

So let me (humbly) introduce myself. During a thirty-year university teaching career in the United States and Taiwan, I wrote or cowrote four books.  Having recently stepped away from full-time teaching, I am, for the first time, writing every day. The topics have shifted slightly from experiential education and education philosophy to environmental education and nature writing.  For more of the story, please go to my Author Bio and weekly  blog.  Thanks for visiting my site.




The Leader Who is Hardly Known

The Art of Self-less Teaching From the Chinese Tradition

The Processing Pinnacle

An Educator’s Guide to Better Processing

The Chiji Guidebook

A Collection of Experiential Activities and Ideas for Using Chiji Cards

Rediscovering Dewey

A Reflection on Independent Thinking





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